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Lose fat, gain lean muscle and improve your health with Track Your Diet .com

Stop manually calculating what you eat – and start enjoying food again! Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, a competitive bodybuilder, or a couch potato on a mission to lose a few pounds, your diet plan will be easier to follow with Track Your Diet .com – and we guarantee it.


"Just want you to know that I researched several other “diet” sites that were not quite up to par with yours. The ability your site gives me to track my intake of calories, sugars, carbs, protein, & fat (the pie chart and bar graph are truly unique and wonderful) AND its extensive food nutritional listings that allows me to enter custom food data is exactly what I was looking for. The exercise tracker is an added attraction that I also am happy to now have made a happily satisfied customer-for-life who will tell all my friends and family about your outstanding customer service and your great website"

~ Tony G.

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By tracking your diet, you might discover it’s not the fat in your diet that’s the real problem, but rather the sugars, or the calories, or the carbohydrates. Find out which foods make you feel healthy and invigorated, and which ones slow you down or make you more susceptible to sickness.


Track Your Diet .com is easy to use and affordable. And it just may be the missing link in your diet plan. Find out more…

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